Saving energy and improving energy efficiency are important means for China's sustainable development. The shortage of energy and the tremendous pressure from the environment have made the Chinese government and people increasingly aware of the importance of energy conservation. China's energy efficiency is 30~ 35%, which is more than 10% worse than developed countries in Europe and America. If energy efficiency can be increased by one percentage point, it will bring economic benefits of 30 billion yuan. OMEXELL focuses on reducing environmental impact and promoting efficient use of energy. OMEXELL's new technologies can eliminate domestic backward technologies and products, and enable a large number of low-quality industrial waste heat to be fully recycled, which can save fuel consumption by 20~25% and reduce emissions of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and soot by 30~35%. Reduce thermal pollution and noise pollution. In China, we are harnessing the power of technology to make the future world safer, cleaner, and greener.

OMEXELL constantly challenges its ability to innovate and integrates sustainability principles into technology and innovation. Leverage our financial, technical and intellectual resources to invest in a sustainable way that benefits our investors, customers, employees and society. We conduct our business in a responsible manner and comply with the various laws and regulations established by the countries in which we operate. We have established a set of binding company guidelines that require all of our employees to follow. These guiding principles are the basis for ensuring the smooth running of our work and the basis for ensuring a harmonious relationship between employee relations, customer relationships and supplier relationships. Building a learning enterprise team is the fundamental guarantee for OMEXELL's sustainability, and we continue to challenge our innovation capabilities to achieve higher levels through continuous innovation.

Focusing on the global strategy and the need for continuous growth, OMEXELL attaches great importance to cooperation with China and its development in China, and continues to increase investment in this emerging market in China. OMEXELL is committed to providing products, technologies and comprehensive solutions for China's energy conservation and environmental protection industries, with special attention to China's energy conservation and emission reduction industries. OMEXELL represents the advanced technology of the international frontier and continues to support China's sustainable development strategy and contribute to China's long-term prosperity and development.